Love Fairy-sold


Light Fairy- sold

Fairy with Tangerine-sold 

Love Mermaid-sold 

Fairy in a coat- sold

Fairy in a crow mask- sold

Dreamy Fairy- sold

Claudine- sold

Bird's Song- sold

Ice Angel- sold

Music Fairy - sold

White Rose Fairy- sold

Orange Sonate Fairy- sold

Lost Selkie 1- sold

Water Creature 1- sold

Goat Girl 1- sold

Sun Element 2- sold

Meadow Fairy 2- sold

Lost Selkie 2- sold

image is no longer available

Sun Element 1- sold

Marsh Thing 1- sold

Forest Being 1- sold

Fairy and pear - sold

Meadow Fairy 1- sold

Belosnezhka- sold